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Brand interpretation

In terms of employing people, our company always follows the principle of “people-oriented” and adheres to the employment standards of “people do their best, quantity is applicable”. In the selection or promotion of talents, we always insist on “capable people, flat people, "The mediocrity" never considers relatives, friends, relationships, relationships, and backgrounds in the process of employing people, but focuses on the actual ability of employees, paying attention to performance, light education, hard work, and light age, following "fairness, justice, and openness." The principle of competition, excellence.

In terms of employee training, we evaluate the effectiveness of training through various learning materials, CD-ROM teaching, and passing exams after learning. We encourage and encourage employees who are motivated, and we hire experts to speak for employees.

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Corporate vision
Strive to become leader in China's pneumatic industry
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Corporate Spirit
Love, Learn, Innovate, Comprehend